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Solar Panels

Renewable energy, storage and innovative use can lead to energy independence forever.

On a new property (or existing in many cases), solar panels can be installed within the roof rather than on top of the tiles. This is not only pleasing to the eye but wind and waterproof. The solar panels are secured in cradles, which are initially secured to the roof batons. Individual solar panels can be removed and replaced if necessary.

Easy Roof Fitting

The renewable energy created is first used by the property when needed and then charges the storage batteries for use when the sun goes down.  

An Electric Boiler can supply hot water. Modern electric energy efficient radiators provide heating round the house. The radiators are simply plugged in a normal electric socket. This means they can be easily moved to another location in a room should you wish to have a change round. No need to build in hot water tubing round the property, which may leak or burst.

Energy Storage for Continuous Power


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